Installment loan for the unemployed via the Internet

loan for installments for the unemployed is a noteworthy alternative to loans granted by traditional banks. There is no cash loan for proof in such institutions. The borrower is required to complete a complicated application and provide all required documents.

All formalities mean that the time from applying for financial support to the final transfer of the loan amount to your account is very long. In addition, people who do not have confirmation of income from the employer are practically doomed to failure. In the absence of a job declaration, the unemployed cannot prove his creditworthiness. Consequently, he cannot count on positive consideration of the application.

The situation is completely different in the case of non-bank companies, such as Weird Sisters. Here, the formalities associated with receiving a loan on account are reduced to the necessary minimum. After completing the application, all you have to do is wait for an SMS and an e-mail with a positive decision.

No need to submit various certificates and documents means that only an ID card is needed to complete the application, and the loan itself will be transferred to your account in 15 to 30 minutes!

What’s more, you can complete all the formalities online, so without leaving your home. For people who do not have a computer with access to the network, it is possible to apply for a loan by phone. The speed of receiving cash is definitely a huge advantage of this type of loans for the unemployed, especially in sudden, unpredictable financial problems.


Unemployed loan – What requirements should be met?

Unemployed loan - What requirements should be met?

At the beginning it is worth noting that an unemployed person in the meaning of banking institutions is anyone who does not have permanent evidence. In this case, it is not possible to obtain a loan from the bank’s account, although the above definition may apply to many situations, for example:

  • a person is unemployed but has regular income, e.g. from renting an apartment, scholarship, share dividends, etc .;
  • the borrower works abroad, but he does not have the relevant certificates to confirm this situation;
  • the unemployed do not have any job or stable income.

In most non-bank institutions that provide financial support, it is not necessary to show proof of income from the employer, and the first loan and each subsequent one require only meeting a few simple requirements:

  • you must be at least 21 years old;
  • you must be a citizen of the Republic of Poland;
  • it is necessary to have a valid ID card.

As you can see, the conditions for applying for a cash loan as proof are extremely easy to meet, which significantly increases the chance of positive consideration of an unemployed person’s application.


Confirmation of the unemployed person’s identity

Confirmation of the unemployed person

Before receiving a loan by phone or via the website, the borrower is usually also verified in the Credit Information Bureau and the Economic Information Bureau. It is also necessary to confirm the identity of the unemployed person indicated in the application.

There are many ways to verify your identity on the market. One of the most modern and at the same time the fastest is the one made through the Account X system. This method uses the data provided when logging into the online platform of the client’s bank account.

Contrary to appearances, this method is extremely safe and is gaining more and more popularity. Another way may be a verification transfer for $ 1 made from the customer’s account.

There is also a GIRO method, suitable for people who do not have a bank account. In this case, just go to the post office and show your ID card and individual sms code needed to collect both the first loan and subsequent ones.


What amount can an unemployed person apply for?

unemployed loan

Persons without a job, like other borrowers using the services of non-bank companies. In many cases, they have the option of receiving an installment loan of up to $ 10,000.

Regular customers can get up to $ 15,000 for any purpose. Interestingly, by choosing this type of loan for the unemployed, we can spread it over a large number of favorable installments.

Regardless of whether we decide to apply online or for a telephone loan, we have the right to adjust the repayment to individual preferences. Moreover, trustworthy non-bank companies do not hide the costs of installment loans, so that the customer signs the contract being aware of any fees, not exposing yourself to later unpleasant surprises.

In addition, such institutions often offer a variety of facilities for customers, e.g. both a telephone loan and an online loan can be spread over 48 installments.